7 tips on getting the most value out of your item to a pawn shop

7 tips on getting the most value out of your item to a pawn shop

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Do you wonder how your friend always gets more money when pawning items then you would? Do you want to get the most value for your item you are selling to a pawn show? Check out these 7 tips that are all focused on how to get the most bang for your buck.


Find the right pawn shop for you.

You need to research the pawn shop you are going to visit. Some pawn shops only buy gold jewelry while others buy silver and platinum. You also want to find a reputable shop. Look for reviews and see what people are saying about the store before you go in.


Know if you want to pawn or sell

Walking in not knowing if you want to pawn or sell your item is not a good idea. You might make a decision based on false information. You should go in knowing the ups and downs of both pawning and selling. Which one you chose is based on your ability to repay the loan, the value of the item you are pawning, and a number of other things.



Pawnbrokers are here to haggle prices. Go in with a minimum amount you are willing to take for your item; this will help you not make a decision you will regret later. Also, remember that Pawnbrokers are not collectors. Just because a collector values your baseball cards at $500 does not mean a pawn shop can give you that price.


Be prepared to prove your claims.

If you walk into a pawn shop and claim that your baseball was signed by Babe Ruth, be sure to have it checked out beforehand for authenticity. If the item you are selling runs on batteries, have fresh ones in it so they can see it works. You will get a higher price for your items if you can prove the items work or are authentic.


Reveal things in their best condition

If you were going in to buy a camera, would you buy one that has a layer of dust on it from sitting? No. Don’t try selling a camera with dust on it. If you have an antique item, you may or may not want to clean it. Research it and see if you need to get it cleaned or not.


Be prepared to leave

Do not be afraid to walk out the door if you do not get the offer you want. Pawnshops are going to try and offer you the smallest amount of money they can so they can resell it and make a larger profit.


Don’t tell them where you got the item or how much you paid for it

If you bought your item at a garage sale, don’t tell a pawnbroker you did. That shows that you have no real attachment to the item and may hurt your chances of getting a decent amount of money for your item. Also, do not tell them how much you paid for it. It is their job to evaluate your item and tell you how much they are willing to pay for it.


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