ABCs of Pawn Shopping

ABCs of Pawn Shopping

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Eureka Pawn Shop offers a unique buying and selling experience to residents and visitors in Humboldt County. Not your average second-hand store, Eureka Pawn Shop offers a wide selection of high-quality items, including gold jewelry, musical instruments, outdoor gear, electronics, and more. When you come to Eureka Pawn Shop, you can either pawn or sell your items, or purchase something new to you!


How does it work?


When you pawn an item to Eureka Pawn Shop, a pawnbroker determines the value of your item and offers you a pawn loan based on that value—typically 50-70% of the item’s wholesale value. abcs-02The pawnbroker stores your item until you repay your loan with interest and any additional fees. Pawn shops are regulated by federal, state, and local laws—we only work with legitimate sellers, and to ensure legitimacy, we require a copy of our sellers’ photo ID and take fingerprints. We do not accept stolen property. After you’ve been given a loan, you have up to four months to pay it off and reclaim your item. If you don’t pay your loan by then, the pawn shop may sell your item. In this scenario, defaulting on a loan won’t affect your credit score, because the loan is based on collateral.



You may also sell an item outright to Eureka Pawn Shop. We still require a photo ID and fingerprints—and make you an offer based on the value of your item and its resale value.



If you’re not interested in selling or pawning, Eureka Pawn Shop is still a great place to get an awesome deal on valuable items. So whether you’re a handyman looking for top-of-the-line tools, a musician looking for a good deal on a prized instrument, an outdoors person in need of gear, a tech head wanting to stay ahead of the game, or a collector with a good eye—Eureka has you covered!

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