Add Unique Pieces to Your Gold Jewelry Collection

Add Unique Pieces to Your Gold Jewelry Collection

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Gold Jewelry Eureka CAThere are many different types of gold jewelry available for you to browse and buy, and there are several styles and choices available from any jeweler. With so many options and colors of gold to choose from, it can be tricky picking out your next piece. The main thing to keep in mind is which type of gold jewelry suits you the best and resembles your personality the most.

You may also want your jewelry to make you feel special, but it should also be within your budget. That can be the tricky part, depending on where you shop! You may want to buy gold earrings, a bracelet or even a pendant, but where can you buy gold in Eureka, CA?

While there are only a few jewelry stores in Humboldt County left, Eureka Trading Company often offers its gold jewelry and other jewelry types at below wholesale prices. We sell our jewelry based on the karat of the gold and its weight, not the style or craftsmanship, so you get a great deal. Plus, It is much easier to stumble across vintage styles and unique pieces in Eureka pawn shops. If we don’t have what you’re looking for now, you can be sure we’ll have new jewelry on display next time you come back!

A little bit about the gold in your jewelry: Pure gold is soft and is not so practical to wear, so it’s combined with others metals to make it wearable and durable. Gold-filled or -plated jewelry is suitable for jewelry that you wear occasionally. Everyday use would eventually diminish the gold layer of the jewelry, exposing the metal below, which might tarnish your jewelry and make cause skin rashness. For pieces of gold jewelry that you want to last a lifetime and beyond, you need to buy the highest quality gold your budget will allow or take extra caution not to scratch or ding the surface.

So adding unique pieces to your gold jewelry collection and wearing them not only make you feel special, but adding unique pieces may also be a good investment over the long term. You can decide to sell your gold jewelry after you do not want to wear it anymore, and you’ll likely still get a good price for it.

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