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ET_1_SM_Aug15_backtoschool_13179161_webWhen ends and back-to-school season approaches, your kids are sure to be ready for first-of-the-school-year shopping. From backpacks to new tennis shoes, back-to-school shopping can be expensive. If your kids are getting ready to hit the books (and the shops), but you’re short on cash, turn to Eureka Trading Company for gently used and low-cost items.

Cell Phones

gift-0815If this year’s the year that your child gets a cell phone—or an updated version or their current phone—lucky them. However, your wallet may not be feeling quite as fortunate. Happily, Eureka Trading Company’s pawnshop offers multiple cell phone types, ranging from data-savvy phones to more basic models.

Other School Necessities

Often times, school supplies doesn’t just end at pencils and book bags; your child may need a calculator, a camera-0815compass, a magnifying lenses, a camera, a telescope, or a number of other pieces of school equipment related to math, science, art, and more. If you’re looking for a discounted version of a school supply that you can’t find anywhere else—or don’t want to pay full price for—there’s a good chance that we have it.

Collateral Loans

loan-0815We offer two different ways to get the cash you need before going back to school shopping. We buy gold and jewelry, TV’s and electronics, and outdoor gear for cash. If you are a resident of Humboldt County we also offer collateral loans. We offer anywhere from 50 – 75% of your items wholesale value with the option to pay back your loan and receive your items back within four months.

Check Us Out!

4DnvfVjlnY1DWN7ZKFo5CymT75lkYqlLnVQylu749_wWe know that back-to-school shopping can get pricy. To keep things easy on your budget, we have dozens of kid-friendly school items ready for your perusal. To learn more about what we offer, check us out or give us a call today at 707-443-2000.

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