New and Used Musical Instruments in Humboldt County

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Humboldt County musical instruments like guitars, saxophones and clarinets don’t have to cost a fortune, especially for students looking to join the school band (or start their own garage band). From trading an electric for an acoustic guitar in a … Continued

What Can You Expect to Find in Eureka Pawn Shops?

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The Hollywood perception of pawn shops has not always been favorable, and it has hardly ever been accurate. Often portrayed as dark and a bit noire, bulletproof glass and slimy owners are the staple of movie pawn shop scenes. But … Continued

Take Back Your Storage Space — We Buy Used Musical Instruments

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Need some free space in your garage? If you have unused musical instruments and haven’t played in years, let them make music once more under a new owner. Our Humboldt County pawn shop always carries a wide array of used … Continued

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