Gold is at record highs…

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The price of gold is at record highs, so if you’re interested in selling gold or parting with some unwanted gold jewelry, here’s some advice that I would offer you.

Be sure to take your gold somewhere that’s not going to put a lot of pressure on you to sell them your stuff or to accept their offer.  You should feel comfortable with the people who are sorting through your gold, and also feel like you’re getting a fair offer.

Gold at historic highsIt’s a Great Time to Sell Gold

It’s also a good time to do a bit of gold hunting yourself.  Think beyond the gold that you own, and maybe take a page out of the book of one of my customers. She hits up Humboldt County garage sales on weekends and then she’ll come by the pawnshop a couple times a month to show me what she’s found.  We’ll go through her stuff together, picking out the stuff that’s gold and the stuff that’s not, and then I’ll make her an offer.  Sometimes she’ll find such great gold pieces that I’ll offer her between $400 and $500 for items she got for just $40 to $70 at a garage sale.

Maria at your service

Not everyone is going to hit on that kind of a deal, but no matter what you bring by, we’ll always offer you our friendly, fair, no-pressure service here in Eureka.  If you like the offer we make, that’s cool, but if you don’t and want to get some more offers, that’s cool too.  Either way, just take my advice, and look for a shop (like Eureka Trading) that will be fair to you, won’t push you into a decision you don’t want to make, and will also be knowledgeable about the items you bring into the store.

And don’t forget to hit up those garage sales and show someone what you find. You just never know what kind of treasure, big or small, you might uncover.

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