Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

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Still need to fill out your gift list this year? Christmas Day isn’t too far away — do you know what you’ll be getting the people you haven’t checked off yet? Here are a few Christmas Gift Ideas for the women on your list.

gold jewelry necklace and earring setJewelry: Perhaps an obvious choice, but that depends on where you look for your gift. Typical jewelry stores (Eureka CA) carry new jewelry from a few companies at a high markups — pawn shops Eureka offers have a wide range of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches and wholesale diamond jewelry. If you want to find a piece with personality at a price that let’s you add more to the gift, come check out our jewelry case! We have some jewelry sets available, as well as eclectic designs in single pieces. Know what your recipient’s style is so you can find the perfect match. If you aren’t sure what type is best suited, see what kind of jewelry they wear on a regular basis.

Camera: This is a great pick for mothers and grandmothers. While they probably have camera phones, those tiny lenses still don’t compete with the features of a full camera (and how else can they capture baby dimples?). Of course, still and video cameras are also great picks for teens, artists and travelers  We see a lot of camera makes and models come into Eureka Trading Company, so we often have a selection at a fraction of the cost of new cameras.

DVDs and Blu Rays: For friends and family members, DVDs and Blu Rays can be stand-alone gifts or stocking stuffers. You can get used DVDs in several places locally, including video rental stores and our pawn shop, so you don’t have to wait for shipping. Shipping delays are almost inevitable during the busy Christmas season (so remember to get your presents shipped soon!).

If none of these quite fit the woman you’re thinking of, keep her interests and hobbies in mind when you shop. One of the benefits of shopping at pawn shops and other second-hand shops is you are more likely to stumble into an unusual or collector’s item that your recipient hasn’t seen. Who’s left on your list?

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