Clear  Out Your Shed or Garage For the Springtime

Clear Out Your Shed or Garage For the Springtime

Bag of United States Rare Coins on WoodIs it hard to walk through your garage? Is your garden shed close to spilling over? This year, why not clean out your garage or shed with the help of your local pawn shop.







Get Ready for Spring Garden and Home Goods
Wood cutting with circular sawWhy do you need to clean out your garage or shed? Getting rid of clutter is empowering, helps you use what you have, and makes way for fun new toys! Start by cleaning out items that you have not used in at least a year. Eureka Trading Company will happily take these items off your hands. This will allow you to walk away with cash to go shopping for new, exciting items you will actually use.




Make Some Money
Modern RefrigeratorIf you tapped out your bank account on holiday gifts, you can feel the financial squeeze in the new year. Cleaning out your garage or shed and selling unwanted tools, appliances, and other unwanted household items is a great way to bring in some extra money to spend on credit card bills.









Find Old Treasures
ET_SM_Jan16_14067723_webWhen you are cleaning a garage, you might find some old treasures. Browse around for items that are valuable enough to sell. A great way to make some money is by obtaining cash for old coins. Look around for old gold and jewelry you can sell at a pawn shop to make extra cash. These are the items that have been sitting in your closet for several years. Old picture frames or hand-me-down items are some of the best ones to sell as they can reduce the clutter in your closet.








How to Sell Old Stuff
vintage coin purse with old coinsWhat should you do about the old stuff in your garage or shed that is valuable? If you have coins and other valuable tools or appliances, consider bringing them by Eureka Trading or another reputable pawn shop. If you want to sell them, it can be a great way to create extra space while earning extra money to add to your bank account.

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