Exercise Gear Doesn’t Have to Cost you an Arm and a Leg

Exercise Gear Doesn’t Have to Cost you an Arm and a Leg

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Businessman using smartphone against fitness appsWith spring upon us, it’s as good a time as ever to get out and exercise! The great thing about exercising is that you don’t need fancy equipment like a treadmill or elliptical machine to get in a solid workout. All you need is access to the great outdoors and if you are interested in tracking your fitness activity, a quality fitness tracker to sync with your cell phone.

If you are already familiar with fitness trackers, you may have heard of the different brands such as the Fitbit, Apple Watch (smartwatch that tracks fitness), Jawbone and various trackers from Garmin. There are many different types of trackers available today with some that are sport specific for runners, cyclists, swimmers, skiers and more. In addition to tracking physical activity, some fitness trackers also include options for monitoring your heart rate, sleep patterns, and tracking calories. In general, the more features included, the more expensive the device. So, how much are tracking devices?


When purchased new, the big name fitness trackers listed above can cost anywhere from about $49.99 to $349.00. However, purchasing a digital fitness tracker doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg because this type of exercise gear is often available at your local pawn shop. For instance, at the Eureka Pawn Shop & Online Pawn Shop, we currently have two fitness trackers available. The first is a Jawbone UP Move JL06 Bluetooth Wireless Activity Tracker in Blue and the second is another Jawbone Up Move JL06  in Black.

Couple exercising at the city park. Outdoor sportDigital fitness trackers tend to be a hot item for pawn shops because they are known to help motivate users to increase their physical activity and who wouldn’t love that? Due to this item’s popularity,  it is common to be able to both purchase and sell fitness tracking devices to shops like Eureka Pawn Shop.  


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