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Planning a camping trip this fall with your friends or family? We’ve created a checklist to help you prepare for your adventure!


Reliable Backpack:

You’ll want to invest in a sturdy backpack that’s both comfortable and big enough to hold all your belongings.


Layer Up:

Temperatures can fluctuate in the fall, so you’ll want to bring breathable clothing that can be layered. Thermal underwear, a t-shirt, comfortable hiking pants, several pairs of socks, and extra shoes are all essential. You’ll probably also want to bring a winter jacket, just in case.



It’s important to invest in the right camping gear. A good sleeping bag is the key to camping comfort, but you’ll also want to get a sleeping pad as an added layer of protection from the cold ground, which can quickly seep into even the best-made sleeping bags.

Aside from these sleeping essentials, you’ll need a sturdy water bottle, a lantern or flashlight, and a tent (or two) big enough to fit your whole crew.


Meal Time:

Unless you plan to eat protein bars the whole time you’re camping (not recommended), you’ll want to come prepared with a camping stove and a cooler. Scramble some eggs, cook some bacon, toast your bread and enjoy some hot coffee, all from the comfort of your tentside.


Game On:

If hunting or fishing are your fancy, you’ll want to come prepared with rods, rifles, tackboxes, and everything else you might need for a good time.


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