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Even with the price of gold climbing higher in recent years, there are still ways to find reasonably priced gold jewelry, whether you are looking for a necklace for yourself or a ring for a loved one. Although it is understandable to feel a touch discouraged with that rising price, Eureka Trading takes a different view on selling gold jewelry.

We only charge the value of the gold itself in any piece of gold jewelry and you will be hard pressed to find such jewelry cheaper anywhere else in the country. There is a gorgeous gold bracelet in the case for sale right now that goes for $112 – normally the bangle would retail for more than $300. With a high price of gold (at about $1,638 per ounce on Oct. 10), buying retail is still more expensive than buying a piece based on the gold content alone.

Since the price of gold changes daily, the price of each gold jewelry piece will also vary. Each piece is tagged with its weight and karats in our case so we can quickly calculate for you how much each will be. There will be no pressure to buy when you ask our friendly staff what the price is for a gold necklace that catches your eye.

But you don’t need to worry about the origin of the jewelry in the pawn shop. For every item we take in, we verify its legality to ensure it has not been stolen per California regulation. What does verification mean? Here are the steps we go through:

  • Hold each piece for 30 days before putting the item up for sale
  • Check state-issued picture ID of seller
  • Take fingerprints of seller
  • Give information to local authorities

This allows you to shop with confidence for eclectic gold jewelry or any other item in stock. Eureka Trading also offers jewelry repair, sizing and cleaning if you need to spruce up an old favorite or alter a piece we have in stock altered.

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