Get the Musical Gear for Your Band for Less

Get the Musical Gear for Your Band for Less

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Music is a universal language, and the tools you use to create it don’t need to be expensive when you shop at a pawn shop like ours in Eureka. You might be familiar with trading an electric for an acoustic guitar in a pawn shop, but we have so much more than just guitars.

Check out this set of tall bongo drums we have right now:

Tall Bongo DrumsWe love how these look and sound. Drop by to try them out yourself. We see all sorts of percussion instruments, like these other drums we have in right now:

Drums at the Pawn Shop in Eureka CA

We also have drum kit accessories to fill out your band, like these cymbals in several sizes and drum pedals from Black Hawk and Gibraltar:

Drum pedals Drum kit Cymbals

If you’re looking for musical instruments for a more classical type of band, we also carry woodwinds and brass instruments from time to time, like the flute and clarinet below.

100_1433 100_1432

Guitars aren’t the only stringed instruments we carry either. Our stock is always changing and we are one of the few music shops in Eureka CA that can sell cellos and other used string instruments that are in incredible shape (and for a great price).

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