How to Get the Most Cash for Gold and Other Items

How to Get the Most Cash for Gold and Other Items

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gold jewelryA pawn shop is home to all kinds of interesting items — think of it like a thrift store with better quality items and much better electronics. We buy items from Eureka and Humboldt County residents to sell in our pawn shop, and we also offer cash for gold.

No matter where you go to get cash for your gold jewelry and trinkets, you should be informed on how selling gold works before walking into a pawn shop. The day’s gold prices will determine what amount a gold buyer in Eureka will offer you — the buyer should tell you what they are offering. You can check the going rate online before you go in, so you can have a better idea how fair the offer actually is.

When you sell gold jewelry to us, we are only interested in the gold content, not the design of the jewelry itself. We will weigh your gold and check the karat before making an offer.

If you’re selling jewelry or other items to a pawn shop, you should make sure it looks its best so you can potentially get a higher offer. Polish the silver or repair the small break in the chain. Sometimes a good dusting can even make a difference for larger items! Thinking about selling something that’s heavy? Call ahead to see if the Eureka pawn shop would be interested in buying it from you.

We’re one of the few pawn shops open in Eureka on Sundays, so you can stop on by when it’s convenient for you! We buy and sell much more than jewelry at Eureka Trading Company — tools, electronics, fishing rods, outdoor gear and musical instruments are just some of the items we handle!

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