How to Properly Care for Gold Jewelry

How to Properly Care for Gold Jewelry

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gold cameo necklaceWe’ve seen so many styles of gold and silver jewelry over the years that it’s hard to think of something we haven’t seen. That’s one thing that not all jewelry stores in Eureka CA can claim, because that’s the unique nature of pawn shops. But no matter what kind of gold ring or necklace you pick up, you’ll get the most out of it when you care for it well.

So, jewelry buyers, we’ve collected a few tips for keeping your gold jewelry in good care in Eureka CA:

  • Most gold jewelry can be cleaned with a mixture of dish soap and warm (not hot!) water. Use a soft toothbrush to get grime out of the nooks and crannies, then rinse and let air dry. If your jewelry has gemstones or other pieces that are glued in place, it’s best to use a soft cloth with soapy water instead of submerging the jewelry.

  • Remove your jewelry before going to bed to prevent accidental damage.

  • Put on makeup, perfume, hairspray, and cologne first, then put on your gold jewelry to prevent buildup of these sprays and powders.

  • Don’t store in places with excess moisture. We know this can be tough in Humboldt County, but it can keep your jewelry nice longer.

  • Store gold jewelry only with other gold jewelry. Gold is a fairly malleable metal, meaning it’s easy to dent and scratch. If you store it with jewelry made of other materials, the harder materials can rough up the surface of your gold. This is especially important to consider if your jewelry is gold-plated.

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