How to Sell Personal Items to a Pawn Shop

How to Sell Personal Items to a Pawn Shop

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If you are uncomfortable with the idea of selling items to a pawn shop, you may want to consider the following suggestions.

Locate a Reputable Pawn Shop

If you are interested in selling a personal item to a pawn shop because you are in need of cash, it is important that you find the right pawn shop. If you are new to the world of pawning, spend some time and conduct online research to read online reviews from other customers. It may also be helpful to determine whether the pawn shop you are looking to sell your item to has experience buying or selling similar products.

Be Decisive

It is important that you walk into a pawn shop knowing whether you want to pawn or sell your item to obtain cash. When you present the item to the pawn shop, they will offer you the option to pawn or sell the item in question. If you decide to sell the item, you will receive cash, but if you pawn the item, you will receive cash on loan so you will be responsible for repaying the money (with interest) back to the shop. As a result, the decision you make should be based on the value of the item in question and your ability to repay the loan provided to you.

Make a Deal

Know that pawn shops are in the business of reselling items so although you should get a fair amount for your pawned item, it won’t usually be as much as the item is worth to a collector. It is for that reason, it is important to walk into a pawnshop having a minimum price set for the item. If you are unsure about the worth of an item, spend some time researching it beforehand. This is an important step because if you walk into the shop having a set price, you can prevent yourself from agreeing to a price that you may later regret.

Provide Evidence

It is important that you prove an item of value is actually valuable so be sure that you show up to the pawnshop prepared. For instance, if you are planning to pawn diamond jewelry, you may want to consider getting the item appraised by a jeweler prior to trying to pawn or sell it. Also, if you have an item that requires batteries or that requires a charge, be sure the item is equipped with new batteries or is fully charged so that the buyer can test out the item in question to ensure it works correctly.

Focus on Presentation

Be sure that the item you are selling or pawning is in the best physical condition possible. That means that you will want to clean the item the best that you can. If selling jewelry, be sure to clean and polish it properly. If selling an electronic device, make sure to dust the item off and make sure the screen is fingerprint free.

If Pawning Your Item, Be Sure to Pay Back Your Loan On time

It is imperative that if you have decided to pawn your item, you are on time when paying the loan back (with interest). If you neglect to pay back your loan within the allotted time, you may forfeit your item or be required to extend the lifetime of the loan, which will carry additional fees.

If you follow the steps listed above, you will have a successful experience with pawning or selling items to your local pawn shop.

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