How to Wrap Secondhand Gold Jewelry for a Gift

How to Wrap Secondhand Gold Jewelry for a Gift

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balls-19885_640An intricately designed gold necklace, a vintage pair of earrings, or a silver pocket watch can make marvelous gifts for a loved one to open Christmas Day. But to get the biggest “Wow!” factor, put a little extra effort into wrapping the jewelry before you tuck it into a stocking or under the tree.

Jewelry stores like ours in Eureka CA will usually provide you a case for the piece you select. Here are a few ways you can wrap jewelry boxes to make your gift even more of a delight:

  1. If the jewelry box is in good condition and looks attractive, you can simply add a colorful bow or tie a  1-inch ribbon around the box. Don’t know how to tie a ribbon into a bow? Check out this simple video tutorial.

  2. Wrapping paper is another option. We’d suggest picking a classy paper design that isn’t too juvenile — even if you’re giving jewelry to a child or teen, they’ll appreciate receiving such a grown-up gift in a grown-up package. If you’re giving gold or silver jewelry, you can match the wrapping paper color to the metal.

  3. Do you want your recipient to know that they’ll be getting jewelry for Christmas? If not, you can wrap the jewelry box however you wish and then place it in a small to medium gift bag with tissue paper to cover the box.

We carry a wide variety of gold jewelry all year round, as we are one of the few buyers in Eureka CA that will purchase gold, silver, diamond, and other jewelry from our customers. If you will be giving jewelry this year that does not have it’s own box, here are a few suggestions for packaging:

  1. Find colorful and holiday-themed boxes at a craft store. During the holiday season, these small boxes are abundant in almost every craft store. Consider also picking up a small cushion for the inside of the box if it doesn’t come with one. A small piece of cotton batting or foam will do, especially if your gift is a pair of earrings.

  2. Pair your jewelry gift with a stuffed animal. You can attach the ring, bracelet, or necklace to the stuffed critter, though you should secure it with some ribbon.

If you’re still hunting for the perfect jewelry gift in a price range you can afford, stop by Eureka Trading Company. We’re a well-reputed gold broker in Humboldt County, and we’d love to help you find the perfect gift.

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