How We Price Our Gold Jewelry at Eureka Trading Company

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Gold Jewelry Eureka CAAs one of the jewelry buyers in Eureka CA, we think it’s important that our customers know how we price our gold jewelry for sale at Eureka Trading Company and make our offers to those looking to sell. We strive to always be upfront and honest with our customers when it comes to both pawning and selling.

When you come to browse through our jewelry cases, you will see that there are no specific prices listed on our gold jewelry. Instead, we note the weight and karat on a small tag attached to the jewelry. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, we will look up the current value of gold and use that to determine the price. Not all jewelry buyers in Eureka CA apply the same principles when buying and selling gold jewelry. Other jewelry stores and pawn shops will factor in the style and design of individual pieces to determine the price, which is typically more than just the value of the gold alone.

Why doesn’t Eureka Trading Company consider the uniqueness or style of the jewelry itself in the price? We like to offer a better value to gold buyers looking for a new piece of jewelry to add to their collection or to give as a gift. The ever-changing nature of the jewelry business is another factor — different styles come in and out of fashion, not to mention retro and antique pieces. That’s why we offer jewelry at the same price we would get if we melted it down and sold just the gold.

If you haven’t seen gold jewelry that strikes your fancy in Eureka Trading Company before, check back every few weeks — we are always getting in new jewelry that people have pawned or sold.

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