Latest Top Gold Jewelry Finds in Humboldt

Latest Top Gold Jewelry Finds in Humboldt

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25% off Diamond Jewelry

thru December 25th

This holiday season, come to Eureka Pawn Shop in Humboldt for the latest and greatest gold jewelry at nearly half the retail price. Whether you’re looking for a gold watch for your father, a gold necklace for your wife, gold earrings for your daughter, or a gold masonic ring for the Grand Mason in your family—we’ve got you covered. There’s always a new, unique gold piece coming in to Eureka…and it may just have your name on it!

According to this article from US News “Depreciation hits hard when you try to sell used jewelry, but as a buyer you can take advantage of the markdown.”, “Check out estate sales and reputable pawn shops.”

We sell some of the most unique gold jewelry pieces you’ll find in Eureka! We sell our jewelry based on the karat of the gold and its weight, not the style or craftsmanship, so you can get a great deal on a truly unique piece. Come to Eureka Pawn Shop today to browse our selection!


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