One amazing cello plus an array of buyable musical instruments

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Electric and acoustic guitars, violins, mandolins, flutes and other musical instruments line one whole side of the Eureka Trading, but one instrument is not for sale.

Behind the counter is an award winning cello in great condition with a beautiful sound. But why isn’t it for sale?Eureka Trading owner Alan Nielsen has a personal connection to the musical instrument – his father Donald Nielsen made the cello in 1998, entered it into the Violin Society of America competition held in Salt Lake City that same year and came back with an award for the cello’s tone. Alan’s father was “quite surprised” and pleased to win the award.

Donald began making instruments late in life after working in a shipping and receiving department of a Navy depot. He specialized in making violins, violas and cellos from his workshop in Stockton and he had been crafting instruments for about 30 years until his death.

While the instrument may not be for sale, music students are welcome to come try it out in the store. Alan doesn’t play cello, but having others play the instrument and enjoy the deep tones it produces is a way to honor his father’s work. A few Humboldt State University students have already taken advantage of playing this special cello and filled the shop with music.

Nearly all of the instruments in the Eureka pawn shop can be played in the store before you buy, including the drum kits, ukuleles and tambourines. Guitarists can plug in the electric instruments on display to any of the amps in the store, which are also available for purchase. About the only instruments you can’t test are the harmonicas due to state laws prohibiting potential buyers from blowing into one before purchase. This is a great spot to pick up your kid’s first musical instrument for a reasonable price, whether you are looking for percussion, wind instruments or string instruments.

Eureka Trading also buys almost any kind of instrument. Since you graduated from high school, have you played your flute or trumpet? You can turn that high school band instrument collecting dust into cash when you bring it in to the pawn shop, plus you provide the opportunity for a new music student to easily find the perfect instrument to play.

Perhaps you always wanted to play an instrument but discovered the first one you tried was not for you. Sell the one you already have and use the cash to pick up a new instrument to play – maybe you didn’t like guitar but a ukulele or a harmonica might be more your style.

Eureka Trading has a wide selection that you can see and test out yourself at 230 4th St. in Eureka. For information, call 707-443-2000.

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