We buy gold, gold jewelry, and diamond jewelry.


We loan on fishing rods, tools, guitars, jewelry and many other items in good working condition.


We work and live in Humboldt County and since we are locally owned, we have the authority to buy and sell as your situation demands.


How do pawn shops work?

The public brings gold, diamonds, jewelry, electronics, cameras, tools or some other item of value into a pawnbroker. When the amount of the loan has been agreed upon, a contract or pawn-ticket is printed with a full description of the merchandise used for collateral on the loan. Each contract is good for a four month period. Our customers are sent a notice giving them 10 additional days from the due date. All fees charged are regulated by the State of California.

Customers can rewrite or pay the interest fee to have a new pawn ticket written and the process of four months begins again. If the client wishes to cure the loan early, it is the same flat fee.

Collateral Loan and Secondhand Dealers Association of California