Spring Cleaning- From Dreaded Chore to Desired Cash!

Spring Cleaning- From Dreaded Chore to Desired Cash!

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Before you go complaining about this year’s task of having to spring clean, let us explain how you can transform this dreaded chore into a decent amount of cash! Deep cleaning a house usually involves going through and cleaning out closets, dressers, garages and basements. When going through all of these areas of the house, it is fairly common to uncover a few items of value that you no longer have a use for. Instead of hanging on to these things or throwing them in the trash, take them to your local pawn shop to see if you can sell them for cash.

To help you identify items of value that you can bring into your local pawn shop, we have created a list of commonly purchased items. This way, you know what to be on the lookout for during your next cleaning session.

Items Commonly Purchased from Local Pawn Shops



Gold Jewelry

As described in this post from cnbc.com, gold is of a high value per ounce so be on the lookout for any rings, earrings, bracelets, coins, cufflinks, watches, chains, pens/pencils, belt buckles or even old picture frames that you no longer want.

Fine Jewelry

In addition to gold jewelry, you can also sell engagement rings, diamonds and other precious stones to your local pawn shop. Jewelry is often symbolic of relationships, and sometimes these relationships don’t necessarily work out. When this happens, some people prefer to rid themselves of the reminder and what better way to do this than to acquire some newly found cash?

Antique Jewelry

Another thing to be on the lookout for is antique jewelry. When sifting through old items, you want to be careful that you don’t assume something is of little value and discard it. The truth is that when it comes to antique jewelry, the value can be best judged by your local pawn shop.


If you have relatively newer electronics that you are no longer using, you might as well sell them for some money. Remember that the longer electronics sit, the more value that is lost. That is why it is good practice to take your old device to a pawn shop soon after you upgrade to something new. That is if you are no longer going to be using the old device.

Musical Instruments

If you are storing a musical instrument because you or someone in your household tried playing it and lost interest, take advantage of the opportunity to sell that instrument. So instead of the instrument collecting dust in storage somewhere, it will find a new home where it will be more appreciated. Many parents turn to pawn shops when it comes time to purchase an instrument for their child to start playing. As a result, your newly sold instrument will allow you to collect some extra cash while also helping another in need!

Power Tools

When cleaning out garages, it is not uncommon to uncover duplicate power tools or items that you no longer have a use for. If this is the case, take tools to your local pawn shop because you can earn cash for those items. Just think, if you sell a handful of power tools you aren’t using, you can use the money to purchase a new or used tool that you may actually need and use! For instance, at Eureka Trading Co. we often have items such as Dewalt power tools, various types of saws, pressure/power washers and more!

Sports Equipment

Whether you are looking to unload an exercise machine, weights, sporting storage, kayaks or smaller items such as training aids or used sports gear (skis, snowboards, fishing equipment, etc.), pawn shops will usually purchase them from you. It is safe to assume that if the sport is played in or around your local community, the pawn shop will have an interest in the item. With that said, if you are thinking about selling a larger item such as a treadmill, elliptical or stationary bike, you should definitely call ahead to see if your local pawn shop is interested. The last thing you want to do is cart a heavy piece of machinery to the shop only to learn it is not something they aren’t interested in!


If you have rare coins or encounter an item that you believe is old and/or rare, take it into your local pawn shop for an appraisal.  

So next time you are participating in a little spring cleaning, don’t throw things in the trash that can earn you a bit of money. Be on the lookout for the items outlined above and take them to your local pawn shop. This way, you can earn cash from all of your hard work cleaning!

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