Start Halloween Costume Shopping Now at Eureka Pawn Shop

Start Halloween Costume Shopping Now at Eureka Pawn Shop

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halloween-02Halloween is fast approaching. Don’t leave your costume to the last minute! The great fun of halloween, aside from all the candy, is putting your creativity to work and becoming someone —or something else, even if just for a night!

This halloween, check out Eureka Pawn Shop for costume jewelry in Humboldt County. Accessorize any costume, from vampires and belly dancers to princesses, pirates, and pimps. At Eureka Pawn Shop, you’re sure to find the most eclectic pieces—gold necklaces, pocket watches, jeweled rings, and more. Once Halloween is over, that perfect accent piece can even become part of your wardrobe! Our wholesale gold jewelery and diamonds are elegant, stylish, and come at a great price. Rather than going to the jewelery store in the mall and spending full price on gold earrings—why not integrate your costume piece into halloween-03your wardrobe for a classic look year-round?

What if you just have a surplus of your grandma’s old jewelry that LOOKS like costume jewelry to you? Pawn it to us and get a great deal this halloween season!


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