The Eureka Gold and Jewelry Store With Wholesale Gold and Diamond Prices

The Eureka Gold and Jewelry Store With Wholesale Gold and Diamond Prices

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Wholesale diamondsLooking for the perfect gift for that loved one but just can’t find quite the right piece in local jewelry stores? We are a Eureka gold and jewelry store with a wide selection of jewelry for you to choose from. Many people from the Humboldt community come in to trade or sell their gold jewelry — both vintage and modern pieces in all sorts of styles and with different kinds of gemstones.

Our gold and diamonds are inexpensive, but how do we do it? For our wholesale gold jewelry prices, we calculate the price based on the day’s price of gold, so you always get a deal. No matter what the style of the jewelry, we base it on weight and the value of gold, plus the value of any gems or pearls worked into the piece. We offer wholesale diamonds in the same way, based upon the cut and value of the diamond, not the style of the piece it’s in.

Unique and eclectic jewelry are ideal gifts for Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, birthdays and other intimate holidays. You can even find an excellent wrist watch or pocket watch for Father’s Day! If one of your family members is a Freemason, you may be interested in the selection of Masonic rings we have in stock as well. The variety of styles and prices makes shopping for gold and jewelry in Eureka pawn shops an optimal choice for both your pocketbook and the person who will receive your hand-selected gift.

Of course, we work with local law enforcement to ensure none of the jewelry in our store has been stolen. Every customer who brings an item to sell, trade or pawn must present a photo ID, full customer information and a full item description. We also take a fingerprint as well. Due to this regulation of the pawn industry, less than 1 percent of all pawned items are ever questioned by law enforcement.

When you next need the perfect piece of jewelry for a loved one, stop by Eureka Pawn Shop first to pick out a truly memorable gift.

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