Tools Now In Stock At Eureka Trading Co.

Tools Now In Stock At Eureka Trading Co.

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Your Local Eureka Pawn Shop has tools – power tools! 

At Eureka Trading Co., we’ve got all the tools you need for your next home improvement or work project! If you’re a handy-man, or even if you’re not, we’ve got hand and power tools for every job. Find out more about some of the great tools now in stock at Eureka Trading Co.

A Skilsaw is a circular saw that can be used to cut many materials including wood, masonry, plastic, and even metal. At Eureka, we have hand-held and table saws available, perfect for woodworkers.

carpenter cutting a plank with compound mitre saw

Orbital Super Sawzall

An Orbital super sawzall can be used in various cutting applications, and can continuously rotate without having to stop and start. It has smooth operation, with little vibration and a gear-protecting clutch.




Dewalt Power Drill

cctv camera installerWe have Dewalt power drills available, excellent for drilling holes, driving bits, twisting wires, or any number of other uses.


Double Bevel Compound

A double bevel compound miter saw is one of the fastest, most accurate way to cut wood to length. They are called “compound” because of their ability to cut a miter and a bevel simultaneously.


Electric Pressure Washer

We have electric pressure washers to help you clean your deck, driveway, or even the siding of your house.




At Eureka Pawn Shop, in Eureka, CA, trading is our business—to ensure you get the highest quality tools, we only purchase the best name brands and test every item before it’s put on the shelves. Come on down today, to find the tools that’ll help you get the job done!

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