Top Items Worth Pawning

Top Items Worth Pawning

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What many people don’t realize when looking for ways to bring in additional cash, is that their home is a gold mine waiting to be explored. A simple way to make some extra money this summer while getting organized and preparing for a new school year is to declutter your house. The trick here is to work towards turning this clutter into cash, and the way you can do that is through identifying the items of value and taking those items to a local pawn shop like Eureka Trading Co. To help with this process, Eureka Trading has compiled a list of items that are worth pawning if they are no longer of use to you or your family.


Laptops & Tablets

Pawn shops are a great place to sell laptops and tablets that you are no longer using. While pawn shops ideally look for devices that are less than two years old, some shops will negotiate on older items. This is particularly the case for Apple products such as MacBooks and Ipads because apple products tend to hold their value. This is also something to consider when purchasing your next laptop or handheld device. Although you may pay a bit more up-front, you can recoup some of that money by reselling the item when you are ready for an upgrade. In fact, Apple products are usually worth about twice as much as comparable non-apple products at the same period in their lifecycle.


Game Consoles & Video Games

Video Game ControllerSimilar to laptops and tablets, the amount of money you will receive for these items will be dependent on the age, condition and demand for the item. The newer and more popular the system is that you are selling, the more money you will be offered. The same goes for games unless those games are rare and considered a collectible. You never know what you have hiding in storage so be sure to take your time and never assume something is old and worthless especially when it comes to consoles and video games!





ET_Blog1_4_Aug17_72419755Pawn shops are also a great resource for selling old jewelry that you no longer wear. Many people sell jewelry because there may be bad memories attached or because they no longer like the style of the piece. It makes sense to part with items that you no longer have a use for. Why store them in a box somewhere when you can sell them for cash and use that cash for something new that you actually want to wear? If selling diamonds, remember that for a single stone, you will be offered more money than if you were to bring in a piece with a bunch of smaller diamonds. Also note that pawn shops will accept any gold whether it is scrap gold, damaged items or just something you don’t like.


Power Tools

ET_Blog1_5_Aug17_July16_20160627_090144Other items worth selling to pawn shop include power tools. Pawn shops generally prefer name brand power tools like those from Black+Decker, Bosch, Craftsman, DeWalt, Hitachi, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi & Skil. They also like to purchase items such as drills, grinders, heat guns, impact wrenches & drivers, nail guns, pressure washers, routers, sanders, saws, screwdrivers, welders and more. Regardless of the tool, if you aren’t using it and have no use for it in the future, check with your local pawn shop to see if they are interested in purchasing it from you.








Musical Instruments

Another hot item to sell and/or purchase from a pawn shop are musical instruments. In many situations, people purchase a musical instrument with the intention of learning to play but sometimes, people lose interest, and as a result, that instrument sits in storage somewhere. Instead of leaving that ignored instrument in its case, why not sell the item for cash that can be used to fund your next hobby? Pawn shops love purchasing gently used musical instruments so before you think about leaving it in storage or giving it away to someone, think about making a little cash and take it down to your local pawn shop for an appraisal.


As you can see, there are many items that you may have stored in your home that if taken to your local pawn shop can be quickly transformed into cash!

If you live in or around Eureka, California, the Eureka Trading Company would be happy to help you transform your clutter into cash!

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