Upcycle a Piece of Jewelry for a One-of-Kind Gift

Upcycle a Piece of Jewelry for a One-of-Kind Gift

If you are into handmade, homemade and handcrafted jewelry, you may already be familiar with the concept of upcycled jewelry. Upcycled jewelry is the process of taking an old piece of jewelry and through using its original parts, transforming it into something new. This is different from recycled jewelry because recycled pieces involve combining several different pieces together or mixing pieces of something old with components that are new.

Antique Diamond Ring from 1920'sUpcycled jewelry is unique because it is made without having to purchase new materials. Upcycling jewelry is also a great way to create one-of-kind of pieces of jewelry.

What if you don’t have any old pieces of jewelry ?

Eureka Pawn Shop in California has the answer for you because not only does the shop purchase used jewelry but it also sells it! So, if in the market for an inspiring piece of old jewelry to breathe new life into, be sure to stop into your local pawn shop!

Diamond Ring on WhiteAnother thing to mention is that you don’t have to be a jewelry designer to upcycle jewelry. In fact, all you need is a piece of jewelry and an idea. This is because many jewelers offer design services where you can take your piece to them, sit down with a designer and have them bring your designs to life.

So before you take your next trip to the jewelry store, think about whether you may want to upcycle a gem that already exists. This way, you will have a one-of-kind thoughtful piece of jewelry to showcase as your own design. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, visit your local pawn shop for inspiration because you never know what you are going to find!

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