What You Can Do With Used Musical Instruments

What You Can Do With Used Musical Instruments

Do you have old musical instruments laying around your house that are no longer of use? Whether you find yourself with an old drum set, piano, guitar, flute, clarinet or any other instrument or piece of musical equipment, you always have the option of selling it for cash. Often times, people find themselves unsure of where or how to sell used musical instruments. If looking to sell an instrument for cash, you may be considering the following options.


There are always resources like Craigslist, which is an online community for posting free classified advertisements. However, creating a listing for an instrument on Craiglist can be a real hassle because you have to create a proper listing and then orchestrate how you will receive payment and then deliver the item to the buyer. This can be especially difficult for larger instruments such as drumsets and pianos.


Another option would be to tell your used instrument through an online marketplace such as Ebay but again, that requires much effort on your part. This is especially true for if you are new to the online marketplace because you will have to go through all of the trouble of creating and verifying an account. In addition to all of these steps, you will also have to find a way to safely ship and deliver your item to the buyer. This may not be that big of a deal for an item like a flute but can get quite complicated when working with guitars, drums and other larger instruments.

Sell to a PawnShop

The easiest and most convenient way to sell a used musical instrument is to take it into a local pawnshop like Eureka Trading Company. Pawnshops are the best place to sell musical instruments because they involve the least amount of hassle when compared to all of the other methods. Pawnshops are great because the buyers understand and know the value of what you are selling. Plus, selling to a pawnshop guarantees a quick transaction because the day you bring your instrument in is the same day you receive the cash for your item. It honestly doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

If you are interested in getting rid of your used musical instruments and would like to make some quick cash, take your instrument into your local pawnshop. This is the most convenient way to sell used instruments and is the method that will pose the least amount of hassle for you. If looking to sell musical instruments or equipment in or around Eureka, California, stop into the Eureka Trading Company!

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