Why Pawn Shops Are Better Than Yard Sales

Why Pawn Shops Are Better Than Yard Sales

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When you’re cleaning out your home this summer, you may notice you’ve got some valuable stuff that you probably don’t want to simply throw away. If you’re considering holding a yard sale, we know an easier way! Pawn your items at your local pawn shop. Yard sales can be time-consuming and require more effort than they’re actually worth. If you’re looking to sell your valuables, you’re likely to get a better deal at Eureka Trading in Humboldt. Pawn shops not only pay more than most buyers at yard sales, they make transactions easy too.

Trade your gold and silver for cash

Selling your items at a pawn shop rather than in a yard sale allows you to be more anonymous so your friends and family won’t notice you getting rid of last year’s Christmas present. Pawnshops will take your items off your hands immediately and pay you on the spot, so you can get fast cash to pay for an unexpected expense or other financial obligation. And we haven’t even gotten to the best part … pawn shops allow you to retain partial ownership with the option of paying off the pawn loan and reacquiring your item! Or, if you decide you don’t want your valuable back, you keep the money with no obligation to repay the shop.

Items you may be looking to sell at a yard sale, but you should pawn instead:

  • Jewelry
  • Musical Instruments
  • Outdoor gear
  • Electronics and electronic accessories
  • Cameras
  • Power tools
  • Antiques

If you’re considering having a yard sale … reconsider! Don’t waste your time and money advertising your sale, setting up, and waking up before the crack of dawn to meet the early birds. Just fill up your car and bring your valuable over to Eureka Trading Company instead! We’ll cut you a good deal.

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